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American Brake and Clutch, Inc.

American Brake and Clutch, Inc. has successfully served both large and small transit systems since 1988. Our specially designed bonded brake shoes use technology and materials from the aerospace industry to withstand the highest heat and rigorous demands of the transit industry. American Brake & Clutch is the largest and most trusted supplier of bonded brakes to the transit industry, Period!


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Bonding is better

Bolted or riveted brake linings can damage brake drums and contribute to noise problems. This photo shows drum damage resulting from mechanical fastener penetration, counter bore debris or both. Cracks or splits can result from improper riveting or bolt torque pressure and sequence. Road salt dramatically accelerates brake shoe deterioration. Rust cracking begins when water attacks the brake shoe table underneath the brake lining. Bonding seals out the elements to significantly increase the service life of expensive brake shoe and lining assemblies. Bonded brakes have more available friction material surface area and depth than conventional bolted or riveted brake linings. Customers indicate longer lining life; smoother drum wear, and longer brake life while enjoying quieter stops.

Our experience

  • Custom fabrication & bonding service since 1988
  • Braking expertise across many industries
  • Premium friction inventory in stock
  • Bonding capacity 'in house' to 90" diameter
  • Over 30 years of brake & clutch experience
  • "Emergency" turnaround & delivery available

Bonding applications

  • Transit buses & heavy trucks
  • Stamping presses
  • Construction equipment
  • Cable & overhead cranes
  • Elevator brakes
  • Trucks & forklifts

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