Quality, Speed & Value


Quality control S.A.E. J-840 Axial Sheer testing is one of many in-house quality assurance checks we perform daily. And all shoes are subjected to inspection with Fraser gauges prior to bonding

Custom tooling delivers effective bonding Our advanced "Band Style" tooling assures that proper, constant, and even pressure is applied and maintained throughout the entire bonding process. Another way we ensure our products work the way they are supposed to work.

Large inventory of friction materials We have a complete inventory of brake shoes and non-asbestos friction material for trucks and buses. For our industrial customers, we stock every standard size of premium molded and woven roll lining. Flat sheets and popular drilled sets for cable cranes are on the shelf. We also have a complete inventory of non-asbestos friction material for trucks and transit buses. Molded and woven roll lining, flat sheets and drilled sets for popular construction equipment are immediately available.

Exclusive processes Our exclusive time tested bonding process was developed specifically for the transit industry. One final process revision included the implementation of adhesives and technology from the aerospace industry. Other proprietary process modifications were derived from our continuous in-house Quality Assurance testing and analysis.

Value added services Your bonded brake program will be developed and customized to include inventory management, purchasing / procurement, maintenance convenience and safety.